RF Products

When Adtec first started making RF Power products in 1990, the core concept was to make products that were world-leaders in ruggedness that the user could rely on, even in the toughest of environments. As critical dimensions and process windows shrink and the cost of down-time and scrapped product grows, it's even more important today than it was then to have RF products that can take the strain that industry demands.

At Adtec, we're confident that we've delivered on that promise - a confidence that allows us to give a two-year warranty as standard on all RF power supplies. It's a confidence our users share too,
as year-on-year Adtec brings more power to you.

Adtec RF products are used to enable plasma processes in semiconductor, flat-panel, data-storage, MEMS, solar, sputter and industrial coating applications. Over the years we've built up an enviable
track record of dependable product and support.

RF / Plasma Generators

Solid State linear amplified RF power supplies from 200W to 30kW in various frequencies give superior power control, superior reliability and less spurious noise.

Careful component choice, coupled with our own amplifier design means less strain on the amp and a higher MTBF. Stability in the amplifier also gives us greater scope to provide low-duty "microsecond" pulsed RF, and superb control even at 0.1W output. The 2-year warranty gives you peace of mind, and an idea of our confidence in our product.

Please note that we can supply custom spec units as well if they are within the below power and frequency ranges. So if you need something a bit different, please contact us!

RF Generator Model Overview

















































TX-03 12M

TX-06 12M

TX-10 12M

TX-20 12M






















TX-06 27M

TX-10 27M

TX-20 27M

TX-30 27M



















RF Matching Units

Adtec specialise in custom built matching networks. Each matching network is designed to the customer's exact specification to increase matching speed and accuracy. The matching sensor can be set to match from 1W, depending on customer needs.

Adtec matching unit power range specification is similar to the Adtec generators; ranging from 300W to 30000W. Depending on a customer's need the following items can be added:

  • Vp-p/vp sensor
  • Vdc sensor
  • Vdc arc detection

Communication options that Adtec supply are:

  • Analogue RS-232C
  • Profibus
  • Adtec AMV Control Software

How the matching unit works:






AC power on

RF power on

Plasma ignites

Plasma ignites

RF power off

Matching unit is idle and waits for RF power from the generator

Matching unit's sensor picks up the RF power signal and activates the automatic tuning mode. By adjusting CLOAD
and CPHASE it finds the ignition point of the plasma - normally the highest point of VPP throughput to the reactor

Matching unit tunes to the lowest reflected power point - normally where network impedance (ZM)+
the reactor impedance (ZC) is 50ohm

The matching unit monitors the power signals and automatically re-tunes the system when ZC changes

Matching unit returns to idling

Tuning parameters are stored internally on the matching unit and by using the AMV Control Software, parameters can be modified to change the matching speed, start point (via presets), matching range, and many more. For troubleshooting it is also possible to switch the system between manual and automatic setting. The AMV Control Software can be used to monitor the capacitor positions, forward power, reflected power, Vpp and Vdc (depending on customer requests) from the matching unit


Presets and monitoring can be done via analogue control/RS232 control/Profibus (depending on customer request) and the AMV Control Software.

RF Power Meters

As well as performing as a standard RF Watt-meter for general fab or lab use, our AW-series RF power measurement products for tool calibration, troubleshooting, or process development can add an extra dimension to your understanding of RF process. With digital and graphical (vs. time) display of forward and reflected power, traceable to international measurement standards, the data can be stored on internal memory, exported to your PC, then shared with colleagues in reports or archives.

ACA-100 - RF Network Analyser

The ACA-100 is a portable vector network analyzer for medium frequencies which enables you to do impedance measurements where ever you go. It supports the following three impedance measurement modes:

  1. Normal impedance/frequency mode
  2. Real time impedance measurement
    mode at a specified frequency. (Data point)
  3. Impedance/Period mode at a specified
    frequency. (Network)

The ACA-100 is manufactured to the same robust and durable standard of all ADTEC's products. All the functions on the ACA-100 are controlled via the software and it has no internal adjustments. There are no trim pots or caps inside. All the calibration is done with the following software procedure.

This reduces maintenance costs because you do not need to return the unit for a yearly calibration. You only have to do the normal network analyzer calibration steps before you start.

  • portable vector analyzer
  • pc interface
  • robust
  • low maintenance
  • Easy calibration
  • N-type connecter
  • Calibration set included

Frequency Control

D.D.S: 0.1 to 180MHz Stability: Stability ±30ppm

Frequency Step Size

Measures impedance at any angle1 Hz to 10MHz


Software Controlled (no screwdriver adjustments)

ADC resolution

12 bits


0.5Ω to 1kΩ


1Ω±3% of reading up to 60MHz, ±5% of reading up to 180MHz

Phase Angle


Parameters displayed

Magnitude of load impedance (|Z|)=(ZMag), Phase angle of load impedance (θ)=(Theta), Equivalent series resistance (Rs) and reactance (Xs), Equivalent parallel resistance (Rq) and reactance (Xp), Reactance is shown as inductance (μH) or capacitance (pF) according to the phase angle.


N, female

RF Output

20μW (max)

Spurious Output

-30dBc or better

Max Stray RF input
 while measuring

Maximum value 150mV (-6dBm)

Max safe RF input

Maximum value 2V (+16dBm)

PC Interface

RS232C - Data Rate: 57.6k or 115k baud - USB/RS232C Converter is supplied with ACA-100


Graphics output on PC Screen - Mouse controlled cursor for digital parametric readout

Power Supply

DC 8 to 15V, 250mA max - 135(W) x 142(D) x 46(H) mm (max)


Display Smith Chart - Possible to set chamber RF input terminal as calibration point using coaxial cable and tools. - Calibration kit included

Warranty Period

1 year

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Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 3UD, United Kingdom