Plasma Technology

When matter is continually supplied with energy, its temperature increases and it goes from the solid through the liquid to the gaseous state. If the energy input is continued, the atomic shell breaks down and charged particles are created (negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions). This mixture is referred to as plasma or the "fourth state of matter".

solid ⇒ liquid ⇒ gas⇒ plasma

In nature, plasma can be found for example in lightning, auroras, flames and the sun. Artificially produced plasma is found in neon tubes, during welding and in flash bulbs, among others.

Plasma has high energy with  potential high temperature requiring careful handling for new applications.  It is possible to control the plasma temperature using  Argon or Helium non-reactive gases.

Gas gets high energy from plasma to make reactive spieces for medical treatment, disinfection for hygiene and surface treatment bonding.

Adtec holds various patents in generation of atmospheric pressure gas plasma and have over 15 years experience  of developing plasma products.

We collaborate by providing product design and  plasma expertise to develop new exciting applications.

Surface Treatment

Plasma treatment may help to improve bonding
for metal plates.

Stainless steel treated with plasma  was tested by
TWI to improve wet etching.

Carbon contamnimation is removed from surface.

XPS result shows Carbon contamination on

SUS surface is reduced by plasma treatment

Broad spectrum and with a phyisical mode of action, resistance is unlikely Gas plasma has proven sanitisation efficacy for disinfection  and hygiene applications

3 min treatment can reduce log 10 to the 9 order
bacterial load

2 min treatment of biofilm reduces microbial load by
50% on 24H biofilm

No micro-organisms detected after 5min plasma
treatment of 24h and 72 h cultivated biofilms


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Adtec first introduced our gas plasma technology to the Max Planck Institute in 2004 leading
to a joint development in plasma medicine.

The MicroPlaSter plasma medical device was the first device to be used in clinical trials worldwide
for infection management of wounds and surgical site infections.

With over 9 years of scientific and clinical research, Adtec's microwave powered argon plasma
medical device has been proven to be safe for clinical use.

The same technology is now used in the Adtec SteriPlas medical device adopted for use in
infection management by hospitals in Europe.

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