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Max Planck Institute to present status report on Adtec partnered Plasma Medicine Project


San Antonio TX (23rd February 2009) - Adtec partners, Max Planck Institute, will give three presentations at ICPM-2, the world's foremost plasma medicine conference in San Antonio, Texas next month.

These presentations will update the academic community on the results and current status of the 4-year cooperation between Adtec Plasma Technology and Max Planck Institute in Munich.

The project, which is currently at multi-site second clinical trial stage, focuses on the MicroPlaSter, a low-temperature atmospheric plasma torch jointly developed by Adtec Plasma Technology and Max Planck Institute that can sterilize patients' wounds in vivo and potentially reduce the length of hospital stays.

The presentation "The Munich plasma medicine project: Results and current status" will be given by project leader Professor Greg Morfill, with other presentations "Comparative study of bacterial spore inactivation efficiency in the N2-O2 plasma afterglow when supplied by a discharge at 915 or at 2450 MHz, and corresponding damage survey" and "Small microwave plasma torch for disinfection" to be given by Max Planck Institute team members Dr T. Nosenko and Dr T. Shimizu et al. For more information about ICPM-2 visit the link below: