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Adtec News

Adtec’s latest ancillary products


London, UK, February 13th, 2012 -In recent months we have added a few new products to our catalogue; the APX Series Range of Phase shifters and the ACA-100 Chamber Analyser.

Both new products have already proven to satisfy a need in the market.

Whenever our customers had a need for a Phase Shifter/Oscillator to go with our RF Equipment, we previously had to order one in from a third party. And as our customers expect a certain level of quality and prefer an all-round solution, it was only natural for us to develop our own line of these products. As our customer, you will benefit from a wide range of models within the APX Series to suit your needs. You can choose between 4 to 16 output channels and various commonly used frequencies. The added bonus is we can now offer much more competitive pricing on this series as well.

Easy to use and sturdy Network Analyzer

The ACA-100 is also proving a success. We've had a steady stream of interest in this product ever since its launch as well as positive customer feedback. The main benefit of our ACA-100 is that it's low maintenance and easy to calibrate by software only - no hardware adjustments are necessary.

So rather than looking to our competitors for your impedance analyser requirements, why not ask us for a quote today or take a look at the Product Details.