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Adtec cold plasma video becomes YouTube hit after featuring on Discovery Channel website


London, UK, December 20th, 2010 - A video clip on Adtec Europe's YouTube channel featuring Adtec's patented cold plasma technology became something of an overnight success, attracting over 20,000 views in a 24-hour period, after being featured in a news article on Discovery Channel's website.

The article, titled "Cold Plasma Kills Bacteria Better Than Antibiotics" explored the potential uses for atmospheric cold plasmas in medicine, and embedded the Adtec video clip showing a woman running her finger through a cold plasma flame to demonstrate that in vitro wound treatment was a possibility.

Adtec has been actively pursuing such applications for several years now, and in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute has already conducted clinical trials at several sites across Europe, but the sudden jump in traffic came as a surprise for Adtec's on-line promotion specialist, Laura Kortum.

"The clip was posted back in March 2010, and saw steady traffic, though nothing spectacular. When the number of views leapt more than a hundred-fold over the weekend, I knew something was up, but I had to post a question asking visitors what was bringing them in."

The volume of interest in the article and in Adtec's video clip highlights the exciting future ahead for plasma medicine, a future Adtec intends to be part of.