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The MicroPlaSter is the largest from our Non-thermal plasma line-up. This is also the product that has been around the longest and has served us well during the clinical trials conducted together with the Max Planck-Institute in Germany.

A number of MicroPlaSters have been in use in German hospitals for years now to research their effectiveness in the treatment of chronic wounds. We are convinced that this product, or one very similar to it, would revolutionise the treatment process.

It works by killing bacteria present in wounds and sores, without damaging the healthy cells around it. Thus it has proven more effective than traditional methods of treatment and patients actually prefer it as well!


Model ARPP-MS-b Version Clinical trials
Plasma generation method Microwave atmospheric pressure streamer plasma generation
Plasma generator Plasma torch
Plasma gas temperature < 40°C at a distance of 20 mm from the plasma torch head
Operating time 20sec~10 min/treatment
Plasma gas Ar, purity >99.9%
CO2 purity >99.9%
Gas flow rate/pressure Mass flow controller for Ar: 0.5~10 SLM、£0.4 Mpa
Mass flow controller for CO2 (N2 MFC used) :1~50 sccm、£0.8 Mpa
The conversion factor for CO2 is 0.74
Gas cylinders (Germany) Ar Capacity:10 L Weight:15 kg Material:Steel
(Japan) Ar Capacity:10 L Weight:15 kg Material:Steel
(Germany) CO2 Capacity:4.5 L Push can
(Japan) CO2 Capacity:4.5 L Push can
Microwave power supply ADTEC made MAX-150S Maximum output:150 W solid-state system
Auto tuner ADTEC made MAM-150S Max electric power:150W, 4-slug system
Microwave transmission Co-axial cable- TOUTOKU made TCF 500 DD 3000
Start Point Plasma generation verification Argon heating temperature check Microwave leak sensor, Temperature sensor
Display LCD type touch panel
Control Semi-Automatic
Input AC230V 1φ,50/60Hz
Power consumption
2.3 kVA or less
Outside dimensions Main body: W700×D1200×H2000(mm)
Arm operating range: W700×D1200×H2000(mm)
Operating Environment Temperature:10-40℃ humidity:10-80%
Weight 250kg